Wednesday, 19 October 2016

October (or Preparing for the 'off-season')

For me October for the past few years always means the same things and I’m surprised now at much day-to-day life changes this month. Since clothes-free living is now such a fundamental to my lifestyle, the change in temperature and clocks leads to a startling switch in behaviour. My habits over the course of a year can now be almost precisely divided into two regimens. One set for the clothes-free ‘season’ between approximately April and September, and one for what I’ve come to call the ‘off season’ continuing until March and starting about…well…now as it happens.

So what’s changed? The blog made me chuckle as finding warmth when you’d also prefer to be without clothing is not so much annoying as frustrating! The temperature in the UK has now dipped below my comfortable clothes-free threshold and living in a relatively old house with limited funds, heating would be too expensive to have the house at a nice enough temperature to keep the clothes in a drawer. So my solution is a onesie. What’s a onesie? See here I don’t like ‘gowns’. They’re good for warmth but a pet peeve of mine is restriction around my middle. I don’t like belts, elastic, buttons, drawstrings, or any other variant. It’s one of my gazillion reasons I like not wearing anything, as anything around my middle feels yuck. So a fleece onesie is my solution. No restriction, no drafts, covers my whole body, toasty and warm. It’s my ‘winter naturism’. It’s so baggy that i’m essentially still clothes-free inside.

October is the month the onesie comes out and I get lots of laughs from visitors to my front wondering what on earth I’m wearing. Funny, but I wonder which would get the more comment….nude or onesie….since they are my only two states of dress in my house through the entire year! I don’t go as far as answering the door nude though….yet.

So the heating’s been tested and scheduled and the onesie’s come out of the cupboard. What else? Exercise. I get bitten by the same bug every year; for the last 5 at any rate. October is the month my body starts to tell me it needs exercise and suddenly my brain gets flooded by motivation. I can’t explain it. It must be weather related. My lazy, sunny, clothes-free existance during the summer is suddenly replaced by an urge to don lycra and tear around my neighbour or do laps in the pool. The thing is I need it, not for fitness or weight loss, but for keeping the black dog away. Exercise is the single best thing I can do to steer away depression which used to affect me a great deal more than it does now but can still strike me down without warning. The off-season is a critical time for me because i know I can get low very quickly. This year I’ve joined a gym so that I can cycle and swim as well as run on the roads. If there’s any other clothes-free advocates who feel the same as me then please say hello. I’d love to feed and receive motivation.

But that’s not all! October also means….US football. My favourite sport is back and the Cowboys will once again drive me crazy and result in nails bitten to the very roots. Back to Wembley Stadium in London in 3 weeks for game 9 (in my lifetime). The time when London gets its own franchise can’t come soon enough. US football means my Sundays and Mondays take on a completely different hue (metallic blue and silver). Until I can’t stand Cowboys performances any more that is, which last year was pretty swift!

Lastly, October means social media. I’ve had a brilliant clothes-free season this year with a huge number of great friends and of course my family. I’ve been to five different naturist clubs for events, been with 7 friends on holiday to Vera Playa in Spain, finally found a nice UK clothes-free beach, walked on the moors and tonnes of other stuff, but October is the month everyone packs up and goes back home and puts the heating on! I bid farewell to friends living at the far reaches of the country and head indoors….to my PC. Here I now sit, and the final thing that changes in October kicks in. I start blogging and chatting online! I’ve got loads to say and will probably have plenty of time to say it. Hibernation is an option….but I think I’ll cope enough to see winter through.

Keep warm everyone. Stay happy. Enjoy your off-season.

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