Sunday, 7 December 2014

Breastfeeding...and where exactly are our morals made?

So Nigel's been at it again with his remarks on breastfeeding following the 'Claridges incident'. I kinda understand why UKIP's become popular; support from all parts of the social and political spectrum. It's simply because he and they are different and new. They're a 'story' so the media love him/them. As Bill Bailey assumingly pointed out in his last stand-up show UKIP are like 'four sozzled upper-class men at the golf club' They seem to have little on no political restaint...they say what they think. That gets points from Joe Public who so hate and see through political spin now that a politician speaking off the cuff seems fantastic.

A shame then that Joe seems to have forgotten exactly how right wing UKIP actually are. Hopefully this will become more and more apparent as we head towads election day. Right now Joe knows hardly anything about them except for migration, europe and err...thats it. Except now we know a little more, because Nigel in classic off the cuff style told us exactly where he sits on the breastfeeding issue brought up front and centre once again by the canny friend of modern society, social media. "Sit in a corner and be discrete" is telling women breastfeeding that their action may disturb some folks. This makes me very angry. Already though thousands have got there before me on Twitter to propose that because Nigel disturbs people then he should sit a corner. This provided an easy backlash, but it was the second part of his comment that really got me thinking.

So it should be up to individual private establishments to set their rules should it? I so want to say "Absolutely not!" but then where should the governance come from? I see the UK as being in a moralistic col. It's too secular these days for religion to pass down its guidance through society, but yet I clearly do not want moral guidance given to us by big Facebook! This is clearly wrong, that morals are served by those who would also take money from us. So it needs government and parents to provide morals for us, and teaching via schools. In which case it must be our duty as a society to maintain and develop morals outside the bounds of religion. Tricky! Tricky because for two thousand years or so religion has been the centre of moral development of almost every culture. Now in the UK though we have a modern secularism that is untried on these islands...a new way of orchestrating society. I laud secularism, but it will take a while for us Brits to get our heads around it.

What does this have to do with breastfeeding? Well the breastfeeding issue has parallels with another big moral maze at the moment...big social media. Social media is largely governed from the US, and Facebook et al. are free to set their rules...enforce their set of morals on us. So if we want Claridges to refrain from setting their own moral guidance ("Please sit in the corner and shroud yourself please madam....") then why should we take moral guidance from Facebook? We are coming to a point where capitalism is becoming bigger than national governments. That's very scary. The ponderance over moral guidance has really hit this home to me.

Nigel....the big threat to your nationalistic ideals isn't the's the new religion from over the big pond....

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