Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A Christmas wish list

For Christmas this year I would like when nude:

  • To be able to open my front door to a stranger in full confidence that I am within my right to do so, that the police would support me, and that the stranger would fully respect my state of dress without comment or aversion.
  • To be able to walk freely in an area where the number of stranger encounters numbers less than two dozen or so an hour without fear of adverse reaction or comment.
  • To be able to use my back garden in full knowledge that I act totally within the law and that any report of my state of dress would be dismissed out of hand by any authority.
  • To be able to use any beach or public swimming pool without comment or reaction.
  • To be able to attend organised events that promote nudity as common sense for the event and that are open to everyone to attend or avoid as appropriate to their opinion of them in areas that are open to the public.
For Christmas this year I would like British Naturism:
  • To do better to support the end of discrimination in club naturism.
  • To switch focus from private event organising to public event organising by moving towards organising one of, a clothes-optional bike ride, picnic, or run (perhaps for charity).
  • To vastly broaden the scope of marketing of naturism in the UK whilst preparing and implementing a strategy for targeting the most appropriate demographics.
  • To use video marketing for the first time.
  • To broaden the online community to take away the 100% focus on the forum and implement modern social media.
  • To promote better the making of friendships in naturism by supporting ways of contacting others away from officially sanctioned events and clubs.
  • To prepare a strategy to help promote commercial naturism.
  • To finally define a 'vision statement' for the organisation along with stated aims.
  • To prepare and implement a 'reward and recognition' strategy for volunteers.
  • To instruct all members of the Executive Committee to write regular blogs to update the membership on the work being done by each departmental head.
  • To replace the National Convention with a National Expo broadening the reach of those playing a part in social liberalism in the UK (retaining the exclusion of any sexual element).
What would you like for Christmas?

Happy holidays!

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  1. Well Said Simon great blog and very sensible, I agree with all those things, hope you had a good Christmas.